Kildare County Council resists call for caravan bye-law


Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Kildare County Council resists call for caravan bye-law

Councillors have complained about caravans but Kildare Traveller Action says many occupants are homeless

Kildare County Council is opposed to bringing in bye laws aimed at banning unauthorised encampments within Naas.

Naas Mayor Fintan Brett said the Naas Municipal District should introduce bye-laws prohibiting unauthorised encampments within the old Naas Town Council boundaries.

He complained that Naas has been almost “under siege” with encampments at various times on the Ring Road, Monread Road, Caragh, Sallins and at the Bundle of Sticks roundabout.

Efforts to resolve the problem by the county council was sometimes like “going around in circles”.

In some cases, he claimed, people were afraid to leave their homes.

“Somebody has to make a stand,” said, adding that of the twenty or so vehicles the owners of only about four are indigenous to County Kildare — meaning that have a stronger case to be housed within the county.

Kildare Traveller Action has repeatedly said that many Travellers are camped by the roadside because they are effectively homeless and the amount of housing being provided by the authorities is chronically short of what is required.

Cllr Brett claimed that some have houses elsewhere.

However KCC official Mark McLoughlin said that bye-laws are introduced to address specific issues that are not catered for in existing legislation.

Mr McLoughlin said that there is legislation in place which allows the council to act against a person who places a temporary dwelling within one mile of a site provided by the council which could accommodate that dwelling.