Naas Hospital parking fees 'compassionate' — HSE


Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Naas Hospital parking fees 'compassionate' — HSE

Naas Hospital

Car park charges imposed at Naas Hospital are introduced “compassionately.”

Responding to criticism of charges imposed on cancer patients and their families, The Health Service Executive says that hospitals within the Dublin Midlands Hospital Group operate “their own car parking systems for each individual site.”

The DMHG also includes Tallaght Hospital, St James's Hospital, Tullamore Hospital and Portlaoise Hospital.

The HSE also said that the hospitals operate as compassionately as possible and in the interests of individual patients circumstances as the need arises.

The Irish Cancer Society said last week that some cancer patients pay €63 a week on car parking charges alone and it wants guidelines introduced to ensure all people are being treated fairly.

Donal Buggy of the ICS said that free parking for cancer patients will ease the burden at a time of “complex need and financial stress.”

Nationally the total amount raised from parking charges by the 26 public hospitals offering cancer treatment was nearly €14.5. However while Naas Hospital earned €126,000 form car parking in 2015, the charges it levies are among the lowest in Ireland.

It costs €1.20 an hour to park in Naas and €1 in Tullamore but the charge rises to €2.50 in St James’s and Tallaght Hospital.

The ICS says cancer patients should have to pay little or no charges and should be informed of parking exemptions in their first appointment letter.

It also wants concessions to be widely promoted and easy to understand and to apply for.