Musician's Kildare horse rescue centre on tonight's Ear To The Ground

My Lovely Horse

Laura Coates


Laura Coates


Musician's Kildare horse rescue centre on tonight's Ear To The Ground

Cathy Davey (left) talks to RTE presenter Ella McSweeney at Kildare-based My Lovely Horse

Musician Cathy Davey’s Kildare-based animal rescue centres will feature on tonight’s Ear To The Ground programme (RTÉ 1 at 8.30pm).

Singer-songwriter Davey established the My Lovely Horse Rescue charity five years ago. It operates two facilities in Carbury and Ballyteague, and currently has some 100 horses, and assorted other animals, in its care.

Tonight’s programme sees presenter Ella McSweeney pay a visit to some of the Kildare-based volunteers and the animals they have rescued.

Davey says the Rescue has taken in a lot of animals that need intensive nursing. Their aim is to get to at-risk animals before they end up in a crisis situation.

Another volunteer, Martina Kenny, talked about the organisation’s work rescuing horses abandoned after fairs in Dublin, and spoke of the need to enforce horse welfare laws.

Viewers can also see ‘Gerry’, a piebald cob whose neglected condition made national headlines earlier this year. When he was rescued by My Lovely Horse, a head-collar had dug painfully into his skin due to neglect. Now thriving and healthy, the Rescue hopes he will soon go to a permanent home.

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