No respite for Great Connell residents

No funding for traffic calming

Niamh O'Donoghue


Niamh O'Donoghue


No respite for Great Connell residents

File photo of speed ramp. This may not be the type of ramp proposed for Great Connell

Residents living in the Great Connell area of Newbridge will not be getting traffic calming measures anytime soon.

That was the message that came from the Kildare Newbridge Municipal District meeting yesterday.

Cllr Fiona McLoughlin Healy (FG) told the meeting that residents had met with Kildare County Council officials and Lidl, who have a warehouse at the end of the road, to outline their concerns over a year and a half ago.

She pointed out there were 5,000 vehicles on the route, 20 per cent of which were HGVs. Residents calculated 25 per cent of those were speeding. She pointed out this has lead to a number of serious accidents on that road.

The councillor had asked for an update on traffic calming measures and the Lidl planning application for a new warehouse.

The council said such measures would incur significant costs, and a source of funding had not been secured to date.

Cllr McLoughlin Healy asked what had happened to the traffic calming plan, which was drawn up after the initial meeting.

She applauded Lidl for instructing drivers servicing the existing warehouse to remain within the speed limit. She said this was having some affect, but measures were still needed.

At present, the council is waiting for Lidl to submit the further information in relation to its planning application.

“It's unfair on the residents. This planning process could go on for two years before any money is realised to fund the traffic calming that is required on the route,” she said.

She asked if short term measures could be put in place until the full plan could be installed.

Kildare County Council official, Evelyn Wright said short term measures would not work because the installation of a certain type of ramps would have noise implications.

Cllr McLoughlin Healy asked if signage or speed cameras could be used instead.

Ms Wright said she would go back to the Roads Design department to see if there were any effective interim measures that could be undertaken.

She said she would have a response for the councillor for the December meeting. Cllr Murty Aspell (Ind) said he lived in the area for three years and he remembered two very serious accidents taking place involving HGVs.