Newbridge is one of five Irish Penneys stores with a "man creche"

Respite for reluctant shoppers

Niamh O'Donoghue


Niamh O'Donoghue


Newbridge is one of five Irish Penneys stores with a "man creche"

Photo take by Lorna of Penneys and Pieces of Me blog

Newbridge is one of five Penneys stores across the country that have introduced a seating area for men to rest up while their other halves enjoy their shopping. 

This news was revealed this morning after a fashion blogger's post made the national headlines.

Irish blogger, Lorna of Penneys & Pieces of Me was shopping in the Blanchardstown store earlier this week when she noticed the new addition.

“Yes, a seating area for weary shoppers (or ‘man creche’)! But is it exclusive to one store, or something we’ll be seeing across Ireland?” she asked. She also posted a pic of the "man creche" in the Blanchardstown store.

A follow up call by the to Penneys revealed there are seating areas like these in five Irish stores so far. 

“Penneys continues to enhance the customer experience at every opportunity… Customer seating areas with built in phone recharge points are one of our most recent additions. The five stores include Blanchardstown, Mullingar, Newbridge, O’Connell Street (Dublin) and Swords,” said a spokesperson.

It said this number will rise to six with the opening of Penneys’ new store in the Liffey Valley shopping centre next month.

The Newbridge seating area will no doubt be put to good use in the run up to Christmas.