Naas judge hits out at TV gambling adds

Man stole money from employer

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Naas judge hits out at TV gambling adds

Naas courthouse

The abundance of advertisements encouraging the public to gamble needs to be tackled.

Judge Desmond Zaidan noted at a Naas District Court sitting on February 3 that there are adds for gambling during soccer games and other television programmes.

“Any programme you're watching, you’re guaranteed to see advertisements for gambling. It’s an issue that has to be addressed,” he said.

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He was speaking in the case of a 23 year old from Naas who took a reported €5,500 while working at the Westgrove Hotel.

The court heard that he started to take small sums of money and this increased to in the region of €300 when he worked while functions were taking place.

The incidents happened on dates between August and December 2019.

Solicitor Rioghnagh Bracken said the defendant openly admitted to what he had done.

Ms Bracken handed in three references to the judge and said that the gardaí initially believed much less had been taken until the defendant told them the extent of the incidents.

Ms Bracken added that the money was used to gamble online.

She also said he is attending counselling via zoom three times a week and is in employment. She said she had €1,000 available to hand in as part compensation.

The defendant told the court he used the money to gamble in casinos and on blackjack and slot machines..

“In fairness to him, he was as open as he possibly could be in interviews,” said Sgt Jim Kelly.

Judge Desmond Zaidan adjourned the case allow for the full compensation to be paid.