Newbridge schoolgirl appearing on The Voice UK this Saturday

Singing since she could talk

Leinster Leader Reporter


Leinster Leader Reporter


Newbridge schoolgirl appearing on The Voice UK this Saturday

Ruby Maher

A Newbridge girl will be appearing on The Voice UK this Saturday.

Ruby Maher(11), a pupil at Conleths and St Mary's, Newbridge, has been singing ever since she could talk. She also plays the piano.

Ruby said: “Being on The Voice was really fun but nerve-wrecking at the same time. I am so excited.”

Her parents, Dave and Viv, along with her sisters Stacy(18) and Robyn(16) are very proud of her. Ruby is part of a very musical family, who are no strangers to fame. Her father is part of the Dave Maher band and was formerly in the band Dave and The Rockets, and she has appeared on TG4's musical family contest performing with her father and sisters, in Réalta agus Gaolta. 42 years ago, Dave Maher appeared with his siblings and father, on Opportunity Knocks.

Mr Maher said: “When I was Ruby's age, I was singing with my Daddy, my big brother, my sister, and I was the lead singer, like Ruby, and here we are this many years later. She marched out there and gave it her all. We are very excited, we hope to get the whole of Kildare watching this Saturday.”

He said: “ I find that music is a wonderful way for your child to deal with the world, it helps children with Maths, reading, and even talking to someone, it gives your child great confidence.”

Ruby is currently attending a Stage Academy Summer Camp for drama, singing and dancing at Ryston Hall.

Brenda Malone Gilroy, of the Stage Academy Summer Camp, said: “Music runs in her family, we will all be watching on Saturday night. It does not surprise me that she has come this far. I am absolutely over the moon. She has a heart of gold, she brightens up a room.”

Her mother, Viv said: “I am so proud of her, it is her passion. I have a video of her singing, The Sun will come out tomorrow.We are absolutely proud of them. There is a lot of videos made over the lockdown, they went to the park and recorded music. We are going to watch it, her Nana, aunties, uncles and cousins are coming to watch it. It is just brilliant, for her and us.”

Ruby will be on Virgin Media 1 at 7.15pm this Saturday.