Torrential rain during Storm Dennis causes flooding issues in Co Kildare estates

Preventative measures by council nullified by heavy rainfall

Rose B O'Donoghue


Rose B O'Donoghue


Flooding in Kildare estates continues to be an issue

Cllr Peggy O'Dwyer standing in the flooding in this Newbridge estate, with members of the emergency services and Kildare County Council trying to curtail the problem

Residents in Belmont Green were relieved that Kildare County Council arranged for the tanking of drains to be carried out over the weekend, based on the status yellow weather alert due to Storm Dennis and ongoing flooding issues in the Newbridge estate.

"There is a long standing problem in both Walshestown Park and Belmont Green re water and sewage services" said Cllr Peggy O'Dwyer of Kildare-Newbridge MD.

"Significant works need to be done in order to find a permanent solution to this problem.The residents have endured many years of flooding during heavy rainfall.

"On Saturday, I visited the area and unfortunately the measures put in place by Kildare County Council were not able to curtail the flooding due to hours of torrential rain. I was in constant contact with the area engineer, Brenda Cuddy, and other Kildare council staff.

"Sandbags were distributed and the fire services were also called to assist with the situation. I spoke with the affected households and gave my contact details" stated Cllr O'Dwyer who added Deputy Martin Heydon had already been working on this issue for some time.

"We will continue to work with the residents and Kildare County Council to try and get this long-standing issue resolved once and for all". 

She further advised motorists to be extra vigilant during severe weather alerts and future localised flooding.