Public meeting for parents at St Paul's school in Monasterevin

Monday at 7pm

Paula Campbell


Paula Campbell


Tender advertised for St Paul's new school building in Monastererevin

St Paul's school

A public meeting will be held on Monday night at 7pm in St Paul's secondary school in Monasterevin for concerned parents.

Cllrs Kevin Duffy, Patricia Ryan and Mark Wall will be in attendance to answer questions put to them from the floor on the night.

The meeting has been called after it was revealed that 106 first year pupils starting at St Paul’s Seconday school in Monasterevin are being forced to take classes in the nearby Scout Den for the next three weeks, due to limited space and cramped conditions at the school. 

Concerns ran high over the weekend after the news broke in the town of the school using the Scout Den, which is located beside St Paul’s.
The school action group described it as an undesirable outcome but a necessary one, showing great community spirit .
“The Schools Board of Management has consciously made the decision not to refuse children from attending St Paul’s Secondary School,” a media statement said.
“As a temporary measure, for the 106 incoming first year students and overall total of 503, the School’s Board of Management has made arrangements with the Monasterevin Scouts to utilise their Den for the next three weeks. Five per cent of the gym has been set aside to temporarily house the lockers until the prefabs are ready for the students.”
While the Action Group acknowleged that they understand the unrest and frustration towards the current situation regarding the school, they are urging against suggested escalations and strikes.
“These actions could have the opposite effect and put further strain on our school principal, staff and students with no clear objective or gain to be made.”

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