Gardai send hard hitting warning about drug taking at Electric Picnic

'Your need for a high can leave a family devastated'

Paula Campbell


Paula Campbell


Gardai have sent a hard hitting online message against taking drugs at this year's Electric Picnic festival warning drug takers that their need for a high can have fatal consequences that ruin families.

Gardai are warning festival-goers attending Electric Picnic this weekend in Stadbally that there will be a high-visibility police operation at the event, targeting the use and supply of illegal drugs.

The message also highlights the dangers associated with drug taking and appeals to those individuals who claim it is harmless fun.

"We need to get this message out there. Social media commentary would leave us all to believe that drugs are harmless and Gardaí and right minded people do not have any idea regarding drugs. Those individuals that say such things have never lost a loved one, seen a son, daughter, father or mother, brother or sister die from drug abuse or overdose. Nor have they had to break the news to a parent or family. If you have someone attending the Electric Picnic this weekend share the message with them and remember we might not catch everyone but when we do catch people we potentially have saved their and their friends lives. If you are attending any events or music festivals remember the following. Many illicit drug users may think that the only bad thing about doing drugs is that they are illegal. The truth is there are negative health effects associated with every illegal drug out there and some of them can be fatal. Don’t consume illegal drugs. Your need for a high can leave a family devastated."

It also adds 'We will be there to uphold the law. Those who bring illegal drugs into the festival can expect to be caught and dealt with accordingly. Prohibited drugs are illegal and potentially life-threatening, especially when combined with alcohol, so we urge everyone to behave responsibly. We will be there to uphold the law and ensure the safety of all festival-goers.“

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