Call to retain part of site from sale of Newbridge council machinery yard


Leinster Leader reporter


Leinster Leader reporter


Call to retain part of site from sale of Newbridge council machinery yard

File photo: Newbridge

Part of the machinery yard in the centre of Newbridge could be used as a green area for the town, according to a local councillor.

The Kildare County Council owned site, which is located across from Newbridge Silverware, is on the agenda to be sold.

“The council are using it now as a salt barn. The council are on about selling it, but they have to first have the salt barn in Naas built so they can move the yard from Newbridge over there,” Cllr Lynch.

“When that’s coming to be sold, which we’re being told is potentially at the end of this year, they’re looking at now selling the whole site.”

Cllr Lynch said the site is significant, and quite valuable.

” I think most people are in agreement about selling the site. It’s dreadful looking for the centre of a retail town, there’s no need for it to be there.

“The Tidy Towns have been giving out for years, even the state of the walls outside, it just doesn’t look good.”

But Cllr Lynch says there is a lack of green areas in Newbridge, and has made a call that the need for a playground should be included in the Part 8.

“I’m looking for part of the site to be retained as a green area for the town.

“There’s a lack of green area’s in that area anyway,” he said.

Cllr Lynch says he intends on raising the motion again at the next Municipal District meeting.

“The sale of the site is going to come before full council at some stage, but they’ve been talking about the sale of this site for two years, so I just wanted to make sure the whole thing wasn’t sold and there was nothing left for the people of the area.

“Hopefully they’ll keep the money for the area, I know a lot of the money is going to be going into this new salt barn (in Naas) but there’s no point selling a site and then at the end of it the town is left with nothing, except another retail unit or offices.

“We should be looking to keep at least a playground out of it.” Newbridge has one council playground at the leisure centre.