Multi-agency initiative to tackle drug litter issues in Newbridge


Sarah Peppard


Sarah Peppard


Multi-agency initiative to tackle drug litter issues

Drug rubbish under the Liffey Bridge, Newbridge in 2018

A new multi-agency initiative has plans to tackle the drug litter problems in Newbridge.

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Local gardaí and council members attended a meeting with the South Western Regional Drugs Task Force on April 11.

Cllr Morgan McCabe, who was in attendance, said: “In Newbridge underneath the bridge, drug litter is a major problem, paraphernalia and syringes left.”

Cllr McCabe said Kildare plans to follow the drug litter management model adopted in County Meath. It will involve issues like needle management.

“So you have people bringing syringes into the pharmacy and they would get a three-pack back, with a little container to pop them into, so that would be a recycle mechanism to stop needles going all over the place. Plus it means pharmacies are in touch with these people.

“The other side of it then is that there will be a selection of phone numbers available, a garda number, a county council number, and the drug’s centres in Dublin as well.

“What will happen is a team of people will be notified about collecting the paraphernalia up and using safe equipment to do so.”

Cllr McCabe said he hopes the initiative will come into force in the coming months.

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