Vote to change Naas’s official Irish name is not likely soon

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Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Vote to change Naas’s official Irish name is not likely soon


A public vote in Naas to change the Irish of the town’s name is unlikely to take place in the near future. An effort by local councillor and historian Seamie Moore to arrange a referendum has not attracted enough support.

He wants the vote to take place along with the Kildare County Council and European Parliament elections due in May.

However KCC is resisting the idea and there hasn’t been a great deal of support from the other councilors on the Naas Municipal District.

Cllr. Moore wants Nás na Ríogh to be the official named instead of An Nás because he believes that this is the historically correct name.

Everybody uses Nás na Ríogh going back in time,” he said, citing a number of examples.

Expressing frustration at the lack of progress, he said many people supported the poll and he wanted to know how much it would cost.

He wants the arrangements made for the holding of the vote, or plebiscite and he plans to raise the issue at a meeting of the Naas Municipal District today. Kildare County Council has a number of concerns about legal issues surrounding the poll. These include who would be entitled to vote because town boundaries have changed.