Changes could be on the way at Clane Inner Relief road


Leinster Leader reporter


Leinster Leader reporter


Changes could be on the way at Clane Inner Relief road

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Speeding on Clane’s bypass may be addressed in the current Kildare County Council speed limit, the council’s Maynooth Municipal District committee was told on January 11.

But a change to the roundabout to the Alexandra roundabout will be expensive, it heard.

Cllr Padraig McEvoy proposed to the meeting that vehicle speed measurements be undertaken on the Clane inner relief road, and that the need for traffic calming is considered.

In a report to members, officials said: “The Council have carried out speed measurements before and are aware that a substantial number of motorists exceed the 50 kph on a daily basis. This may be addressed in the speed limit,”they said.

In a slightly separate issue, the officials said that “it has also been highlighted to the Council in the past that the roundabout at Alexandra needs to be realigned and narrowed to reduce entering and exiting speeds.”

The report said that the Council “agree with this view but note that it will require substantial funding to redesign and reconstruct this roundabout.”

Cllr McEvoy said that work had been done at the Celbridge Manor road in Celbridge and asked if there had been any analysis of consequence in that.

Area Engineer, Jonathan Deane said the Celbridge Manor road was a lot wider than the Clane bypass.

He said they looked at reworking the roundabout in a similar manner than that of the Courtown road roundabout in Kilcock but that would cost over €100,000. Cllr McEvoy said they needed to plan for when the Sallins bypass was completed.