Residents fear someone will be injured unless pedestrian crossing is installed on busy Newbridge road

Protest held today at Athgarvan Road

Niamh O'Donoghue


Niamh O'Donoghue


Residents fear someone will be injured unless pedestrian crossing is installed on busy Newbridge road

Residents gather at Kilbelin in Newbridge today PIC:T KEANE

Residents living on the Athgarvan Road in Newbridge turned out today (Saturday 27) to voice their concern that someone will be hurt unless a pedestrian crossing is installed on the busy road.

"We think it's important that a pedestrian crossing is installed on the Athgarvan Road, mainly because of the increase in traffic and the likelihood of further traffic given the new developments that are being built further up the road," said Kilbelin Residents Association Chairman, Alan Bennett. 

"The amount of traffic will undoubtedly increase, and there is a huge risk that someone will get injured trying to get across to the other side of the road, particularly at peak times." 

The residents pointed out that a huge number of people try to cross the road near the Gables at school morning and finish up times to gain access to the pathway to the Linear Park. This allows them to get to the schools without having to walk along the main road. 

"We are fearful that a child may be injured trying to cross the road. It's especially dangerous for those with buggies and children in tow," said another resident.

Alan Bennett, hands over a Petition of signatures to Cllr. Reada Cronin to be handed in to Kildare County Council with Noel Connolly and Patricia Ryan, pictured at the estate today Picture: Tony Keane

Today's protest was organised by the Kilbelin Residents Association in conjunction with Liffey Hall and Riverside Grove. A petition is also in the process of being sent around to the various houses. The Kilbelin Residents Association handed the first part of that petition to Cllr Reada Cronin to forward on to the council.

The residents said they had been informed the council will build the crossing but they have not been given a date as to when this would happen.

"We don't want any delays. We need it done now," said Kilbelin committee member, Philip Rochford.

The protest was also supported by members of the local Kill group, who are continuing to campaign for a crossing for Kill.