Newbridge Access Group highlights street obstacles

Dangers:Make Way Day campaign

Leinster Leader reporter


Leinster Leader reporter


Newbridge Access Group highlights street obstacles

Members of Newbridge Access Group highlighting street obstacles in Newbridge

The Newbridge Access Group (NAG) were out in force last Wednesday, September 26 to highlight the dangers posed by obstacles on the footpaths for people with mobility difficulties.

The campaign was part of the national Make Way Day, which was being championed across the country on Wednesday September 26.

“One of the main difficulities is cars parking on the footpaths,” said Gary Worn.

“It’s not acceptable. Outside the social welfare office (INTREO) in particular, people are always pulling up and running in with a cert or some other documents and they say, ‘I’ll only be a minute’, but that’s no good to us.”

Martin Kelly said that other dangers can be posed by bikes tied to railings which may jutt out onto the footpath.

“You could trip over them. They are a real danger,” he said.

Sandwich boards and uneven surfaces also pose problems for people with canes or wheelchair users.

Gary said people need to be more aware and not cut across the path of a wheelchair user or a person using a cane. He said the group is regularly in touch with the council’s access officer to highlight these issues. Cllr Mark Lynch (SF) also dropped by to lend his support to the campaign.