Support courses available for people in Naas

The NLN provides courses and services for many people

Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Support courses available for people in Naas

Shauna Jones from Kill

The Naas-based National Learning Network offers free courses to people who have had an accident, illness, injury or have a disability and extra support needs.

Shauna Jones from Kill didn’t leave the house much and struggled with anxiety before coming to the National Learning Network in Naas. Shauna has now completed work experience, gained new confidence and is looking forward to getting a job.

“Life was only okay for me before I started with the NLN in Naas, but I didn’t have a job. I did a couple of FÁS courses such a core employability skills, make-up and hospitality and tourism but I didn’t go out much because I had no confidence. I also stayed up late and woke up late in the day. I was generally not very happy with my life, which was probably not a good way to feel.”

She came to NLN to learn new things, make new friends and get some work experience to find a job.

“I also wanted to build up my confidence and have a set routine because I was fed up sitting at home all day doing nothing. I wanted to have something to do and to feel better about myself.”

Shauna has been doing the NLN transitions course for little over a year and it has internet modules such as career preparation, personal skills, internet skills and work experience.

Participants also go on trips like visiting the Curragh plains, and Japanese Gardens. Shauna has made new friends, does more independent travel than she used to, goes shopping and visits friends and family - some of which wouldn’t have been possible before starting the course. She has completed work experience periods at Marks & Spencer and Gamestop.

The NLN wants to hear from people who are leaving school and are unsure about what they should do next. The NLN can be contacted on 1890 283000.