New live music venue open over Newbridge's Judge Roy Beans

Soprano’s fame: Alabama 3 acoustic show

Niamh O'Donoghue


Niamh O'Donoghue


New live music venue open over Newbridge's Judge Roy Beans

Upstairs at JRB in Newbridge

A new live music venue has been opened in Newbridge attracting none other than Alabama 3 — the group famous for The Sopranos’ theme tune, Woke up this Morning.

Upstairs @JRB’s has become Kildare’s own dedicated live music venue, hosting international touring bands and supporting local artists alike.

The team behind the venue have spent a lot of time making upgrades and investing in production and the overall gig goer experience.

At present, Upstairs @JRB has tickets for an Alabama 3 acoustic gig, The Olllam and Rubber Keo on sale now.

Other big names are due to be announced soon. The venue wants Newbridge to become both a hotpsot for international acts and fostering young talent.

Alabama 3 are bound for Newbridge armed with their raucous acoustic set to play an intimate show on Thursday July 12.

Heeding Woodie Guthrie’s maxim, Alabama 3 have never feared the reduction of their technology.

“Consequently, Alabama 3 Acoustic are brave enough to go out on the road armed only with a battered acoustic guitar and harmonica, preaching Guthrie’s word that this machine kills fascists,” said their publicist.

“In homage to classic delta blues slide players like Mississippi Fred McDowell, Howling Wolf, John Lee Hooker and their own Rockfree Base, the stripped back set presents their own narco-acoustic slant on Alabama 3 and the music that has inspired them along the way.”

Complete with Larry Love’s gravelly ash-stained vocals, Rev. Be Atwell’s soul cry and Nick Reynolds bank robber melodies on harmonica, they provide an acoustic show which is in no way constrained.

Gig goers will enjoy arrangements of the latest recordings along with their back catalogue of hits.

“An unrivaled Marxist machine gun, Alabama 3 Acoustic are on a mission to get you mashed,” said their spokesperson.

Support on the night comes from Newbridge-based band Appo & The Disapointments.

Tickets are priced at €18 + fees / €22.50 and are on sale now.

Capacity is extremely limited — advance purchase is strongly advised.

Anyone who wants to book tickets can book online on Eventbrite or tickets can be bought from Judge Roy Beans itself.