Kildare Gardai report spate of ride-on lawnmower thefts

Homeowners warned to be vigilant

Conor McHugh


Conor McHugh


Kildare Gardai report spate of ride-on lawnmower thefts

Homeowners are advised to take cautions to prevent theft of their lawnmowers.

Senior Gardai say that Kildare is witnessing a spate of ride-on lawnmower thefts.

That’s according to Chief Superintendent Brian Sutton who was speaking at a meeting of the County Kildare Joint Policing Committee (JPC) last Monday evening.

The Chief  Superintendent was giving the monthly update on crime figures to date and revealed that while offences against properties such as thefts were all generally on the decrease compared to this time last year, there had been a spate of thefts of ride-on lawnmowers.

Gardai had also noted a rise in instances of siphoning of home heating oil. And he warned homeowners to exercise vigilance with both.

However, by and large offences are down this year. Thefts from shops are doing by seven percent, from people are down 25%, handling stolen property offences are down 14% and vehicle thefts are down 22%. Meanwhile robberies are generally down 12% and criminal damage offences are down 21%. Burglaries are down from 482 to 363, a decline of 25% and aggravated burglaries have dropped 50% from six to three.

Possession of drugs cases are slightly up, from 195 to 198 while possession for sale or supply cases are down seven percent from 59 to 55.

Road traffic offences are have had a mixed bag so far this year. Drink driving cases remain static, at 200 for the year so far, which dangerous driving cases are down 36%, from 169 to 108.

However, Gardai have noticed an increase in the numbers of younger drivers being involved in drink driving. In the past, it was older drivers who dominated drink driving statistics, who were used to higher drink driving limits. But Chief Superintendent Sutton confirmed that this appeared to have changed in more recent times.

There has been a 28% reduction in mobile phone cases and a 36% increase in seatbelt offences. Speeding cases are down, both in terms of Garda intercepts which are down 30% and speed vans which are down 12%.

Unfortunately, while there has been a decrease in road traffic collisions which resulted in serious injury, from 10 to six, there have been two fatalities, just like in 2017. Also, there has been an increase in minor injuries from car crashes, from 92 to 114. And there has been an increase in material damage cases from 616 to 705.

To date, 543 vehicles have been seized this year for having no tax, insurance or being dangerously defective. 168 people who had their cars take from there have been linked with crime incidents on PULSE such as burglary and theft.