Newbridge Patrician’s teacher gets top maths award

Breda Disney excels in the field of maths education

Leinster Leader reporter


Leinster Leader reporter


Newbridge Patrician’s teacher gets top maths award

Breda Disney (left) receiving her award with Irene Stone

Patrician Secondary School Maths teacher, Breda Disney has been chosen as runner up in the Award for Irish Teachers of Mathematics.

UCC hosted the ceremony on May 26 to coincide with Ireland’s 30 years of participation in the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO).

The organisers said the Newbridge school draws pupils because of opportunities to develop a love of maths.

“Breda Disney is at the heart of this process. She stretches the students beyond the normal school curriculum by successfully leading all year groups in local, national and international maths competitions,” they said.

“She also reaches out to other schools to enter the various competitions thus creating networks of teachers promoting maths."

They said she teaches for understanding, emphasising logical, proof-based thinking, joining the dots across curriculum when needed.

“She leads creative, investigative and groupwork based lessons,” they added.

“Many of her students go on to study maths related courses in college thus ensuring many mathematicians into the future.”

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A student who nominated Breda said she “opened our eyes to the deep underlying beauties in the 'simple intricacies' of mathematics. This completely changed my experience of maths, it helped me see it as the elegant language that it is.”

The award recognises the outstanding achievements and contributions to the mathematical education of secondary school teachers throughout the Republic of Ireland.

It is administered by the Irish Mathematical Trust, an organisation of mathematicians from third level institutions. It is supported by the Frank Kenny Fund at The Community Foundation for Ireland in Ireland and the Olympiad.