Kildare Gardai detained 77 people at risk of suicide in 2016

Force has also suffered through suicide

Conor McHugh


Conor McHugh


Kildare Gardai detain 77 people at risk of suicide

Gardai are often the first responders for people in distress.

Kildare Gardai detained 77 people in the county in 2016 on suspicion of wanting to take their own lives.

And 53 were detained under the Mental Health Act and brought to hospital. The action was the response by Gardai to a situation where they find themselves in the position of first responder in a potential suicide situation.

The figures were revealed at a meeting of the Joint Policing Committee on Monday night by Superintendent Paul Dolan.

Following arrest, the detained people are brought to the Garda Station where they will be assessed by a doctor and thereafter, if deemed appropriate, be brought to Lakeview Hospital in Naas.

Superintendent Dolan made it clear when questioned by Cllr Ide Cussen that Gardai did not make the decision to bring people to Lakeview.

Chairman of the JPC Cllr Martin Miley commended the Gardai on their response to the possibility of suicide, and noted that it was an issue that affected the force itself, with 12 suicides by Gardai last year, including four in Kildare.