Special weather red alert road speed limit could be on way to County Kildare

Kildare council meeting hears there were 'lunatic drivers' on the roads during recent red alert

Henry Bauress


Henry Bauress



Special weather red alert road speed limit could be on way to County Kildare

Army personnel from the Curragh help with the clean up at Kill NS, pictured Tuesday morning, March 6. Picture: Tony Keane

Kildare County Council will consider asking the Government to introduce new speed limit laws for emergencies.

Speaking the a meeting of the Council’s Maynooth Municipal District on March 9, Cllr Brendan Weld and other members were critical of the speed of some motorists in restricted snow-bound roads during last week’s red alert. “It was disgraceful and frightening,” said Cllr Weld.

He suggested they proposed that nationally speeds be lowered to 40 kph maximum in such conditions, or halving the speed limits in red alert situations.

Other members present agreed and a motion will be prepared for a meeting of the full Council. Staff and other public services as well as individuals were thanked for their efforts during the red alert period.

Cllr John McGinley said some nurses walked miles to get to their work. But he said there was a “spree of bloody lunatic drivers” on the Straffan road in Maynooth. “They were splashing wet on people and we had to walk on the road,” he said.

Cllr McGinley supported Cllr Weld’s proposal as did others but he said it could be five years before it is introduced.

Director of Services, Niall Morrissey, thanked everyone for their “phenomenal”efforts.

He said they would have a full review of the snow issue at Council HQ this Wednesday coming.

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