Residents on road from Millicent cross to Digby Bridge finally freed from snow

Car that was abandoned last Thursday uncovered

Conor McHugh


Conor McHugh


Residents on road from Millicent cross to Digby Bridge remain snowed in

Photo taken on the road when the snow as at its highest.

Residents along the road which leads from Millicent Cross to Digby Bridge, approximately a kilometre from Clane, have finally had their road cleared, just before lunchtime today.

While work began yesterday, Monday, on clearing the road, there were approximately a dozen residences along that road which have been snowbound since last Thursday.

A farmer clearing the road yesterday uncoveed ran Audi car that was abandoned last Thursday. The road which runs between Millicent Cross to Digby Bridge is currently being cleared from the Digby Bridge end, but remains impassable with metre high drifts across it.

A local resident, Rob Michael, was in touch with the Leinster Leader and explained that he walked down to the village of Clane over the weekend to grocery vital supplied for elderly neighbours. 

He revealed that things were so bad along the road that many of the residents hadn’t bothered to clear snow from their driveways because there wasn’t much point if they couldn’t drive their cars out. “I cleared enough of my own driveway to be able to get around,” he said.

The abandoned car uncovered yesterday, Monday.

The situation with the road highlights that faced by many who do not live on roads that are regional vital in the sense that they are the only road which went from one important place to another — although obviously important to the residents on them.

The R409 road, known as the Dog Hole road between Dag Welds Cross towards Caragh, was cleared by local farmers only as far as was necessary to facilitate residents, but blocked thereafter, proving a surprise for motorists unfamiliar with the area.  It has since been cleared in its entirety.

The roadway before clearing began.