Siberian weather at its worst as wind chill brings -10 degrees blast says Met Éireann #stormemma #beastfromtheeast

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Conor Ganly


Conor Ganly



Storm Emma on collision course with beast.

Wind chill will see temperatures hit -10 degrees as the Siberian Beast from the East sits directly over Ireland but there is a high degree of 'uncertainty' as to how badly Storm Emma will impact nationally.

That was the assessment of Evelyn Cusack of Met Éireann on the weather situation facing the country over the next 24 to 48 hours. She spoke at briefing following a meeting of the National Emergency Co-ordination Group in response to the severe weather.

She explained why the Status Red Warning was extended nationally.

"The reason we extended the Red was because of the combination of pretty blustery winds gusting to gale force, sub zero temperatures producing an effective wind chill of -10 degrees celcius.

"These are the coldest temperatures during this cold period. Siberian air is directly down across Ireland. It is right down across Britain where status red warnings are in operation and it is right down across France where there is pretty extensive snow.


She said the weather from Storm Emma would hit the south east on Thursday afternoon with winds gusting to gale force overland. She said the precipitation ahead of Storm Emma would turn into snow.

She said the Status Red applied mainly Thursday during daylight hours and overnight into Friday. However, she expected a change in conditions for parts. Ms Cusack expected a 'dramatically' improving situation over the north and midlands on Friday but she said there could be more snow in southern and eastern counties.

"But there is a high degree of uncertainty," she said.