Garda numbers in Kildare dramatically improve

Increase of 18% since 2014

Conor McHugh


Conor McHugh



Garda numbers in Kildare dramatically improve

Increased Garda numbers have lead to greater crime detection.

Garda resources in Kildare have dramatically improved over the past few years with an increase from 301 in 2014 to 356 now.

That’s an 18% increase, and comes from figures released on Monday night at the annual meeting of the Joint Policing Committee. The meeting also heard that the increase in Garda numbers has lead to an increase in detection of crime, in particular Public Order and Drugs offences.

But there’s more to go. The optimum number will be 409 given the current population. That’s according to Superintendent Gerard Roche.

This year’s figures reveal a year to date drop of 23% in sexual offences, from 116 to 89. However there was an increase of 22% in minor assaults from 384 to 468. Assaults causing harm were up 28%, from 95 to 122, which public order offences were up 12% from 421 to 473.

Thefts from shops was up 13%, from 634 to 715. Thefts from the person were up 10, to 60. The thefts of vehicles was up 6%, from 207 to 219. Robberies of buildings were down from 48 to 28 whereas robberies of a person were up from 20 to 27. Criminal damage offences were up considerably, 23% to 687.

Drugs offences are up considerably. Possession of drugs is up 31%, whereas possession of drugs for sale or supply was up 23% from 100 to 123. Offences for the cultivation of drugs was 13 in 2017, compared to 10 in 2016. However, these figures could well be attributed to the increase in Gardai and an increase in drugs searches, from 1,261 in 2016 to 1,656 in 2017.