Original 14 stone sash windows installed in Kildare castle

Restoration works ongoing

Leader reporter


Leader reporter



Original 14 stone sash windows installed in Kildare castle

Kildare castle

The second round of works on Kildare Castle was just completed in the last fortnight.

Last year the work entailed ivy clearance and masonry repairs, with the exterior given a coat of lime dash to provide improved weathering, taking care not to cover dressed stonework.

This year further progress was made on weathering the interior and making it safer to access and replica hardwood sliding sash windows weighing 14 stone each were installed by a cherry picker to three openings. Using historic photographs the shutter boxes were reinstated after the jambs were made good.

The steps to the second floor which had crumbled away were also restored.

“Paint and plaster samples were taken from each level by Mary Mc Grath, historic paint conservator based in Newbridge and were sent off for testing,” said PRO Tara Flanagan.

“Results showed that there are several locations on the lower floors where early layers of paint and plaster predate that of eighteenth century layers, indicative of early modern or medieval fabric.”

They were unable to be definitive as regards dating pre- eighteenth century fabric as the materials used, red and yellow ochres and lime plaster, would have been used from the earliest construction date of the gate house in the late-twelfth century.