Nolan's of Kilcullen add to medal haul at National Championships

Awards for Gluten Free Sausages and Reduced Fat Sausages

Conor McHugh


Conor McHugh


Nolan's of Kilcullen add to medal haul at National Championships

James Nolan , second from the right with Seamus Etherson of ACBI, Minister of State Andrew Doyle and John Hickey ACBI.

Nolan’s of Kilcullen had a very successful day at the Associated Craft Butchers of Ireland National Craft Finals Sunday, October 29.

Nolan’s won the National Championship Title their Gluten Free Sausages in the Gluten Free category and finished runner up with their Reduced Fat Sausages in the Lifestyle Choice category.  

They also claimed the Championship title for the Best Spiced Beef in Ireland in the hugely competitive category, beating off strong opposition.  

James Nolan was quick to praise Fred Mitchell for all his hard work with Nolan’s famous sausages, made freshly every day. He also paid huge credit to Dermott Mitchell and Marc Behan with the preparation of the Spiced Beef for the national finals last Sunday.  

In the past Nolan’s has won the award for the Best Butchers Shop in the UK and Ireland at the House of Lord’s London in 2015 as well as an Outstanding Achievement Award at the World Cup Finals for Craft Butchers in Frankfurt in 2016.

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