Snake found in Kildare garden shed

Corn snake is most common type kept as pets in Ireland

Dan Donoher, Kildare Animal Foundation


Dan Donoher, Kildare Animal Foundation


Snake found in Kildare garden shed

The snake was found in a garden shed.

We had an interesting new creature come into us over the weekend that has caused quite the stir.

A family were getting ready for their holidays when they came across something very strange in their garden shed.

The call came into me on Saturday evening. The lady of the house had found a snake on a shelf in her shed. She called us straight away for help.

She was able to send us a photo of the snake so we could identify it first.

We were then able send out the correct volunteer from our wildlife response team to capture and contain the young corn snake.

They are the most common snake kept as pets in Ireland. They are completely harmless and are very easily handled.

Once contained, the snake, which is in beautiful body condition was transferred to the shelter.

Corn snakes are harmless and commonly kept as pets in Ireland.

The amount of reptiles being lost or abandoned in Ireland is on the increase, with the majority of them being terrapins which are bought as tiny little ones and once they get the size of side dishes, have outgrown their tanks and are then abandoned.

Careless people are bringing them to ponds, canals, rivers and lakes and setting them free.

Short term the animals do well, which can result in them eating our native young fish and if big enough, terrapins can take ducklings and young water hens and coots too.

This can cause huge issues especially if a number of them are released in the same area. However it is too cold in Ireland for any of these reptiles to breed.

However, the health of the animals decline as it simply is not warm enough for them.

We would plead with people to please think twice before taken on a reptile as a pet, and research as much as possible on them if you do choose to.

Reptiles can live for a very long period of time so it can be a lifelong commitment.

The young snake which was discovered over the weekend was found in the Naas area. We are guessing by its condition that it is an escaped pet rather than one that was dumped.

If you have lost a snake in recent times then please do get in touch with us. We will however need some proof that he belonged to you.

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