Maynooth student waitress failed to recognise Taoiseach

Varadkar laughed it off

Conor McHugh


Conor McHugh


Maynooth student waitress failed to recognise Taoiseach

Are you guys Irish? OMG, Leo Varadkar made wait for restaurant table 20-year-old from Dublin seated Taoiseach at ‘tiny table’ about 2 hours ago Rachel Flaherty Eimear Byrne (left) and Emma Kelly (rig

A student of Maynooth University failed to recognise Ireland’s new Taoiseach when he and a friend turned up at a Chicago restaurant where she is working for the summer.

Emma Kelly, 20, who is studying biomedical science in Maynooth is on a J1 visa in the US for the summer and working in a restaurant in Chicago.

On Sunday night, two men walked into Barcocina, a trendy restaurant in Chicago with a Mexican influence not far from the famous Wrigley Field, where Ms .Kelly has been working as a host.

“They wanted to sit outside so I told them they’d have to wait. Then I was like ‘oh hey, are you guys Irish’ and they were like ‘yeah’,” she told the Irish Times.

She put the pair of them on a waiting list and put them sitting at a small table. The fact that it was a small table was something that embarrassed her when she realised later who they were, although from her reports of the exchange, the two men, one of whom was the Taoiseach, didn’t appear to be bothered by it.

Meanwhile Dubliner Emma’s friend, another Irish girl called Eimear, copped that it was Leo Varadkar. Emma was extremely embarrassed and moved the men straight away. 

She said she apologised profusely and was very embarrassed. She said she couldn’t believe she’d made the Taoiseach wait for a table, but he took it all in his stride.

“He thought it was really funny,” she recounted.

“It’s nice being treated like a normal person,” she says he told her.

She tweeted a pictured of her self and Eimear with the Taoiseach, who it appears, was dressed casually for the night. 

And in a separate tweet she asks: “Honestly, what is wrong with me?”

The Taoiseach replied to her tweet: “Thanks Emma. The food & service was gr8. Enjoy the rest of your J1”.

She announced later, again on Twitter, that Varadkar is now officially her “fave Taoiseach”.