Expenses of Kildare judges revealed

Movable judges claim more



Expenses of Kildare judges revealed

Paul Kelly from Leixlip and John Coughlan, Naas.

The expenses paid to the nation’s judges in the first six months of 2017, have been revealed by the Courts Service.

Unsurprisingly, they show that the ‘movable’ judges - those who are not assigned to any one district and therefore have to travel longer distances - claim the most.

The same applies to judges who have been assigned to districts that are far from their own homes.

Movable judges are those who fill in for regular judges, covering for sick leave or holidays, as well as assisting in clearing backlogs in cases.

Claims can be made for travelling, subsistence and incidentals, like judicial attire.

Judge Desmond Zaidan, travels from Meath to the Kildare courts.

Judge Desmond Zaidan, the judge assigned to the Kildare courts and who travels to courthouses in Naas and Athy from his home in Co. Meath, was paid €7,166.54.

Judge Paul Kelly, a former Fianna Fail county councillor from Leixlip, has been assigned to the Donegal district, claimed €18,881.10 in expenses.

Judge John Coughlan, from Naas, who was until recently a movable judge, is now assigned to the Louth District, travelling as far as Dundalk and Drogheda, claimed €16,332.

Grainne O’Neill, also based in Naas, and also a movable judge, claimed €15,000.

Other judges that would be familiar to Leinster Leader readers are Judge Alan Mitchell, from Longford and who is a movable judge, who has claimed €22,628; movable Judge Conal Gibbons, €17,924; recently retired movable Judge William Hamill who claimed €13,913; recently retired movable Judge Aeneas  McCarthy, €13,755; movable Judge John King, €13,443; Gerard Haughton, €9,562; movable Judge John Cheatle claimed €2,786.

One movable judge, John Lindsay has, in figures released by the Irish Times, claimed nothing thus far this year.

All of the above judges mentioned sit in the District Court. Judge Michael O’Shea, the sitting judge in Naas Circuit Court, has claimed €8,976.

Judge Leonie Reynolds who has has sat a Naas Circuit Court but in more recent times has been appointed to the High Court, claimed €2,285.

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