Kildare tops car sales table


Henry Bauress


Henry Bauress


Kildare tops car sales table

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County Kildare saw the largest increase in car ownership in the State over the five years to 2016, a Leader analysis of the Census figures shows.

The number of cars increased by 3.4%, or by 3,672 to 110,865. 

This was the highest percentage increase in the number of cars in the State.

National car ownership rose 0.9%, or just under one percent between the Census 2011 and Census 2016, bringing the number of vehicles on the roads to 2,238,878.

While counties in the Dublin region experienced lower rises, or even percentage falls (-1% in Dublin city), the counties surrounding Dublin saw car number increase.

There was a 1.4% rise in Fingal and a 0.4% increase in South Dublin.

But in Meath the car numbers grew by 2,625, a 2.7% rise on 2011.

In Wicklow, there was a 2.8% increase, with an extra 1,959 on the road.

Galway county experienced a 2.3% increase.

In county Kildare, there was a 4% rise in the total number of households in the county.

But there was a 4.5% increase in the number with one car, to 27,779.

There was a 4% increase in the number of households with two cars, leaving 30,223 residences with two cars.

The number with three cars rose to 5,148, up by 0.7% and the number with four or more cars rose by 6% to 1,799.

Many households stated they did not own a car. They rose from 6,686 to 6,731 in the five years, an increase of 0.7%

The figures are worked out by counting the number of households with a particular number of cars.

The Census table does say that in the case of 1,668 households, the number of cars in the household, is not stated.

This was 1,185 in 2011.

County Kildare had 73,348 households in 2016.

The stats indicate that city dwellers, or some of them, are shedding their cars, for whatever reason.

Outside of the cities, thee was a 2% drop in car numbes in Donegal and a 1.4% drop in Sligo, for example. Cavan saw a 2.6% rise to 38,004 cars.