Kildare girl abused on Twitter over viral Justin Bieber video

Caoimhe works in Maynooth Bookshop beside Picaderos

Conor McHugh


Conor McHugh


Kildare girl's Bieber video goes viral

Caoimhe McGovern and Justin Bieber

The girl who shot a video of global popstar Justin Bieber as he left a Maynooth restaurant on Wednesday has spoken of the moment she spotted him.

Speaking exclusively to the Leinster Leader Caoimhe McGovern, from Smithstown near Rathcoffey, explained that she works in the Maynooth Bookshop, which is beside the restaurant Picaderos which Mr Bieber has eaten from three days in a row.

“A little girl ran into the shop,” Caoimhe said, “and told us that Justin Bieber was in Picaderos.

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“He’d been there the day before. So we went outside and waited. 

“Eventually we saw him walking towards his car. I started filming him and he came towards us saying ‘Do you guys think it’s nice to put a camera in somebody’s face?’

“He held up his Macbook (a laptop) in front of the camera and I put my phone down. And then he just got into the car.”

His chauffeur-driven car then left the area.

The Maynooth Post Primary student said that her video has gone viral, after it was shared by various national newspapers. But she added that she’d received a lot of abuse on Twitter because of it, with people saying she shouldn’t have filmed him.

She was unfazed by the comments. “Sure what does he expect?” she asked.

Ms McGovern is a Bieber fan and has seen him perform live twice. The 23 year old Canadian singer songwriter was in the area again on Thursday. “We saw him again, but he was just sitting in his car, and a buddy was getting him takeaway from Picaderos. He must like Picaderos!” she said.