Voters will decide Naas name change

Plebiscite on town name

Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Voters will decide Naas name change


People registered to votes in Naas may be asked to decide on whether to change the Irish version of Naas.

A decision on whether to put the vote to the residents hasn't been made yet.

But there is pressure from some, including Cllr Seamie Moore to use Nás na Ríogh instead of An Nás. Local councilors were told that, based on the cost of holding an election, it could cost €40-50,000 to hold a vote and this money would have to come from Kildare County Council funds.

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Preparatory work includes defining the precise boundary area and having a proper consultation process. According to KCC any submissions from the public would have to be considered and the whole process would have to advertised and is open to full public scrutiny.

KCC official Sonya Kavanagh said that the process would take time and the consideration of submissions alone could take two months.

The Naas Municipal District councillors opted not to press ahead with the process just yet and issue will be aired again shortly.