Kildare County Council vote against motion to fly Palestinian flag

Motion hoped to express solidarity with those in occupied territories

Conor McHugh


Conor McHugh


Kildare County Council vote against motion to fly Palestinian flag

A motion to Kildare County Council to fly the Palestinian flag over Aras Chill Dara has this evening been narrowly defeated.

Kildare County Councillors were asked to vote on a motion to allow the Palestinian flag to be flown above the Council offices for a week in June.

The motion, by Cllr Joanne Pender followed recent similar decisions by Dublin City Council and Sligo, Donegal and Galway County Councils to fly the Palestinian flag as a gesture of solidarity.

However, by a vote of 16 to 15 against, the motion was defeated. There were four abstentions.

The motion was supported by Sinn Fein and independent members including Joanna Pender and Brendan Young.

However Cllrs Seamie Moore and Suzanne Doyle spoke against the motion.

It was felt by some of the councillors that the motion was not appropriate.

“This motion is to raise awareness of the international humanitarian crisis that is unfolding in Israel’s prisons. We can’t stand idly by and ignore this and the plight of Palestinians who have endured decades of occupation under the boot of Israel,” Cllr Pender had explained in advance of the meeting.

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