Halverstown National School fundraiser in Newbridge

Funds for IT and senior citizens centre

Niamh O'Donoghue


Niamh O'Donoghue



Halverstown National School fundraiser at Newbridge Greyhound Stadium

Students all set for tonight's fundraiser

Halverstown National School, Kilcullen and Teach na nDaoine have joined forces for a special benefit night at Newbridge Greyhound Stadium tomorrow, Friday 19 May.

The fundraiser is being held to raise much needed funds for computers for the school and a community centre by Teach na nDaoine in Kilcullen.

Halverstown N.S. recognises the importance of computer skills in children and is concerned of a huge shortfall in computer literacy. 

Due to a lack of suitable IT equipment, its ‘Hour of Code’ Scratch Computer Programming is limited to only one class in the school, and even for this one class, many of the children have to bring their own or family laptops.

As a small school, it said it is curtailed by budgetary constraints and financial pressures as its Government funding is based on the number of children enrolled.

Nicholas Egan, Board of Management at Halverstown N.S. commented “Our share of funds raised at Newbridge Stadium will go towards purchasing new laptops for our children to enhance their learning opportunities.” 

Teach na nDaoine, a voluntary non-profit organisation, are focused on setting up a new social centre for the community and in particular the senior citizens, of Kilcullen and the surrounding area.

The centre will be a place where people can come together for a chat or become engaged in social activities.

The longer-term plan would be for the centre to provide a meals-on-wheels service. The Steering Committee has secured the lease for the old Health Centre, next to Conroy Park.

All money raised from this fundraiser will be used in renovating this building which is commencing in the next two months.

Tickets for the benefit night can be purchased by phoning Halverstown N.S. on045485374 or by contacting Teach na nDaoine on 0876689028.