No cash available to fix slippy surface outside Newbridge church

No funding

Leader reporter


Leader reporter


No cash available to fix slippy surface outside Newbridge church

Newbridge Parish Church

A local councillor has called on the council to replace the area outside St Conleth’s Parish Church because it becomes very slippery when it is frosty.

Cllr Sean Power (FF) raised the issue at the April Kildare Newbridge Municipal District meeting.

The council said the MD office has no available funding to replace the footpath.

“Subject to availability of manpower, salt will be spread at this location during frosty weather,” it said.

Cllr Power said alot of elderly people and children going to school accessed the footpath.

“Okay, there is no resources for this year, but is there something you could suggest for next year?” he asked MD engineer Brigette Rea.

“It’s a large area of path and it looks very well,” she responded.

She said she would take a look at it and see if there was some sort of funding available for next year.

Meanwhile, Cllr Murty Aspell (Ind) also asked for the council to carry out an audit on the amount of poles in the Municipal District area that don’t have signage on them. He asked that they be removed.

The council said a full signage survey would be required, which would require resources to be diverted from other projects. However, it said it would be keeping an eye on the situation. It pointed out a number of redundant H-frame poles are currently being removed from the approach roads in Newbridge.