Further info needed on new Newbridge deli/cafe

Council asks for more details on Centra plans

Niamh O'Donoghue


Niamh O'Donoghue



Further info needed on new Newbridge deli/cafe

File photo: Casey's Centra

Kildare County Council wants more information about the opening hours and the operation of a proposed new Newbridge cafe/deli.

Casey Quickstop Newbridge Ltd. has applied for permission to demolish the toilet block/office at Londis on the Moorefield Road to make way for the expansion of the Centra Shop.

If approved, the new extension will provide 100 sq.m of retail space and 99 sq.m of deli seating space with an off licence. The company also wants to extend the forecourt canopy.

The plans were lodged with Kildare County Council on February 22.

A decision was due yesterday (April 18), but the council asked for more details on the plans.

It pointed out the petrol station is to be operated on a 24 hour basis, but it questioned if the cafe/deli would be open for the same duration.

The council also asked the applicant to comment on the local authorities assertion that the seating area was excessive as part of the overall plan.

The applicant was also asked to address the street frontage boundary and food preparation issues.