Newbridge shopping centre teams up with Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind

Charity of Choice 2017

Leinster Leader reporter


Leinster Leader reporter


Newbridge shopping centre teams up with Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind

A puppy in training for the Irish Guidedogs

Newbridge’s Whitewater Shopping Centre has announced that it’s charity of choice for 2017 is the Irish Guide Dogs.

The recent commitment towards the sponsorship of the training of a new puppy for the duration of two year marks the latest chapter in an ongoing support campaign between both parties.

The puppy will be an important member of the Whitewater family throughout 2017 and regular visits and updates will help track its progress as it begins training to be a future superhero.

Ingrid Ryan, Centre Manager for The Whitewater Centre commented said: “We are delighted to be involved with the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind this year and look forward to watching one of the gorgeous pups as it grows and works towards becoming a fully-fledged guide or assistance dog, in turn providing a great sense of confidence and independence for those suffering from visual impairment”. 

John Burke, Corporate Partnerships Manager for Irish Guide Dogs said; “It is only through the public's generosity and the support from organisations such as The Whitewater Centre that we are able to help families of children with autism and those with visual impairment achieve independence and mobility. 80% of our income comes from fundraising and donations from the public.

“The investment from the Whitewater Centre will help us to provide a future for a family of a children with autism or person with visual impairment achieve independence through our world-class dog and ancillary services. We thank all of the staff and management of The Whitewater Centre for their very generous investment and continued support”.