Vera expected in Kildare by Monday at the latest

Walk to Dail

Paula Campbell


Paula Campbell


Vera expected in Kildare by Monday at the latest

Vera with her daughter Ava

A mum who is walking through Kildare en route from Cork to the Dail in a bid to legalise medicinal cannabis for her little girl is expected to pass through Kildare on Monday at the latest.

Vera Twomey was battling tonsilits when she arrived into Kilkenny today with her husband Paul Barry as part of their 260Km journey.

She began the 260km walk from her home to the Dáil as a protest against decisions to restrict her daughter Ava, who has rare form of epilepsy called Dravet’s syndrome, from accessing cannabis based medication. Vera is campaigning for access to the full range of cannabis-based medicines.

Speaking in a video posted on Facebook recently Vera outlines how legislation has to change to help those in need of medicinal cannabis in this country.

Vera's route for the walk from Kilkenny is on the old Dublin road via Portlaoise, Monsterevin, Kildare, Newbridge, Naas, Red-cow and Kildare street.

They hope to be in Dublin by Tuesday and they are asking people to come out and support them en route.

A montage of Ava's photographs was also posted on facebook by her mum, who is appealing for people to sign a petition to help her cause. This can be found on the CBD support for Ava facebook page.