UPDATE: Naas Tesco workers to vote on strike action after Newbridge rows in

Ballot to take place this evening

Leinster Leader reporter


Leinster Leader reporter



Tesco staff on strike across the country today

Newbridge workers vote to support industrial action



Workers at Tesco in Naas, will get the chance to have their say on the ongoing strike action at a company at a special ballot this evening.

The employees will decide whether or not to join the industrial action.

Last night, their Newbridge compatriots were one of four Tesco stores, who voted in support of long-term workers, who are fighting to hold onto their current terms and conditions. Six other stores voting against taking part.

Mandate, the union representing the workers, says Tesco Ireland is trying to change the contracts of employment for approximately 250 workers employed before 1996, which would result in some workers experiencing reduced incomes of up to 20%.

Tesco has repeatedly denied this. It says it needs to amend the contracts to reflect an altered retail environment, which now includes late-night and online shopping as well as Sunday openings.

It points out only a very small number of staff will be affected and it has promised they will not lose out financially.

Naas is one of 13 stores to be balloted over the next two days.

The votes now bring the total number of stores involved in the dispute up to 20.