Kildare councillor condemns dangerous erections

Wants pole removed from Kildangan bridge


Councillor condemns dangerous erections

Sinn Fein county councillor Thomas Redmond.

A local county councillor has condemned  an erection on a bridge in Kildangan as “dangerous and totally irresponsible”, and has wondered, “whoever thought it was safe?”  

Cllr Thomas Redmond (SF) has  called for a safety audit to be carried out and a timeline for the removal of the erection —  a pole — from the bridge.

He also wants to see traffic lights on the bridge and some facility for pedestrians to get over and back safely.

Screen grab of the councillor's Facebook call.

In a video posted recently on his Facebook page, he explained that the Council has blamed the delay on Eir removing a pole which is on the bridge.

He said that he hoped that 2017 would see the pole removed and he welcomed submissions made to An Bord Pleanala about it.