Kildare family welcome New Year's Day arrival

It's a boy!

Conor McHugh


Conor McHugh


Kilcock family welcome New Year's Day arrival

Ben, Mason and Rose welcome the newest member of the family.

A Kilcock couple’s new baby was the first born in the Coombe Maternity Hospital on New Year’s Day.

Ben and Rose Waldron left their home at 6am last Sunday morning and a baby boy, as yet unnamed, was successfully delivered at 7.45am.

“It was close!” Ben told the Leinster Leader.

“We are thrilled to start off the New Year by welcoming our beautiful baby boy to our family,” said Rose.

The baby was 7lbs 2oz, or 3.2kgs.

It is the Waldrons’ second child — their firstborn son Mason is four and a half.

Rose is in the middle of completing a PhD in Maynooth in Biology, and Ben is an IT consultant with Deloitte and Touche.

They studied together in Maynooth.

“Everything went well with the birth,” Ben explained. “It was all straightforward, although it was close!

“We really only had 45 minutes,” he explained.

“We’re delighted!”

Ben expressed surprise to the Leinster Leader that even though his son was born just before 8am, he was the first child born in the hospital in the New Year.

“They had a dry patch there in the Coombe for about seven and a half hours,” he said.

“Myself and my husband can’t thank the staff at the Coombe enough for the wonderful care that they have given us and our new bundle of joy,” said Rose.