Gardaí probe alleged sexual assault at Co Kildare creche


Henry Bauress


Henry Bauress


Gardai confirmed to the Leader today that an investigation has been launched into alleged sexual assault at a creche in County Kildare.

A spokesperson for the Garda Press Office said the there was “a complaint” and that investigations were at an early stage.

The spokesperson said they had no idea when the complaint was made but they anticipated the investigation would “take quite some time.”

The spokesperson said they did not know the age of the alleged injured party and did not identify an approximate location of the alleged complaint.

They did say that the Gardai were investigating the matter along with Tusla.

Media reports said two children were sexually assaulted at a crèche by a staff member.

Other media said the allegations centred around “a well-known crèche” in Co Kildare; that specialist officers have been investigating the case since complaints were made last week and that complaints were made to Co Kildare gardaí by two different parents in the past ten days.

Media reports also said no arrests have been made in the case and the crèche remains open.

The Garda spokesperson said: “It is investigating a complaint and is currently working with Tusla. The investigation is at an early stage and is of a sensitive nature and we are therefore not in a position to comment any further as this is an ongoing investigation.”

Media reports said all parents of children attending the crèche have been informed of the allegations, but it was not known if the staff member has been suspended.

It has also been reported that the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Investigation Unit is expected to take a leading role in the investigation and that specialist child interviewers will be needed to question children who attend the crèche.