The Golf Doctor with Gavin Lunny

Stare at the target, glance at the ball




Stare at the target, glance at the ball

Go to the movies on every shot! 

Visualising what you want to do with the golf. 

All is an important process in getting the ball closer to the hole. 

When we practise we are all guilty of hitting shots randomly and not really paying any attention to exactly how close we are hitting our shots to our chosen target. 

Focusing too much on the strike is part of the reason many golfers struggle with short shots from around the green. 

Play with some intention and see where you want the ball to go, consider where the ball will land, how quickly it will stop or how much it will roll and execute a swing that "feels" good for that shot! 

I was a huge Seve fan as a junior golfer and it was noticeable how he would stare at the target but only glance at the ball, constantly visualising and keeping his gaze on his desired outcome!