Kilcullen has the Spirit of Scouting

Kilcullen has the Spirit of Scouting

Over the long weekend Kilcullen scouts sent two of their patrols to participate in the Shield camping competition. This annual event brings together scouts from all over the county, tests their abilities and allows them to compete for a place at the National camping competition, The Phoenix.

Our 11 – 14 year olds had to pitch tents, build campsites, cook meals for three days without any adult intervention and then on top of this there are bases that really stretched their capabilities, testing them on first aid, initiative, gutting and cooking fish, orienteering and so on.

Each patrol is made up of eight scouts and throughout the weekend they are continually assessed, being marked on everything from safety to team work to good attitude.

The senior team, Monkey Patrol were calm and well organised, this was not their first time here at the shield and they knew it would take planning and commitment to gain good marks. Patrol Leader Hannah Begley lead her team made up of Donna Carpenter, James Delahunty, Paddy O’Brien, Jason Norton, Lauren Breen, Josh Martin and Connor Reade.

The novice team, Hornet Patrol were brand new to not only to the shield but some of them to scouting too.

Patrol Leader Roisin Robinson led her team, Anna Hourihan, Michaela Kinsela, Adam Price, Adam Flood, Emily Hart, Abi Hart and Iarlath Behan.

The novices chose to make their camp as eco-friendly as possible bringing where possible only Irish and organic food stuffs, they even bought along their own hens which provided them with fresh eggs and ate the vegetable peelings and scraps.

Well their hard work, diligence and tenacity paid off as both teams came out victorious.

Both Monkeys and Hornets were awarded the “Spirit of Scouting” cups, a particularly emotional moment for the group as the senior’s cup was dedicated to the late Dick Reade.

Dick who had been the camp chief at the shield for the last 4 years and in scouting for 40 years was missed greatly by all of those who knew him. A memorial mass was dedicated to him over the weekend but it was the spirit of scouting that Dick imparted to everyone he met so it was truly fitting for this cup to be given in his name.

We know Dick would have been so proud to see the scouts awarded this and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house as Kilcullen went up to collect their trophies. Then to top it all the Senior patrol were awarded the Shield – the cheers could be heard for miles around!

The seniors will now go on to the National competition being held in Larch Hill in August.

We wish them all the very best and look forward to updates on their progress.

Well-done Kilcullen a great result!

Mountain Pursuits Challenge

Good luck to the Kilcullen scouts entering the MPC this weekend. They’ll be navigating the Cooley Mountains in Co. Louth and spending two nights camping in the mountains. We wish them the very best of luck and look forward to hearing how scouts Josh, Hannah, Donna, Anna and Thomas get on.

First Holy Communion

First Communion wishes go to the 5 children from St Joseph’s N.S who will be making their first communion on Saturday. Ben Haslam, Agniezka Arseniuk, Joan O’Toole, Lucy Aylward, Roisin Mc Grath. Your friends, family and teachers all wish you the very best on your special day.

Castlefarm Garden

What’s happening in the Castlefarm Garden? This month I have been very busy planting up the Castlefarm garden and polytunnel., writes Jenny Young, local farmer.

Tomato, pepper, courgette, chilli and cucumber plants are growing well in the pollytunnel. We have planted turnip seeds and parsnips are next on the to plant list. We have mounded up the ground over our potato drills. My onions sowed last month are now very visible in organised green lines. Now that i can see them I can hoe the onion bed before the weeds take hold.

As an organic farm we cannot use weed killer or chemicals. I find the best method of keeping down weeds is literally spending 5-10 minutes each day hoeing. We are enjoying salad leaves, herbs, rhubarb and spinach from the garden. I use nettle fertilizer as an organic nutrient to feed the plants. 

We have been welcoming lots of school tours on the farm. Castlefarm caters for all types of group tours from national schools to transition year students. The children really enjoy the day out learning, walking and meeting the animals. With so many baby animals around at this time of year it is a particularly interesting time. Anyone wanting to know more about school tours should call Michelle on 086-3736402.

Our pigs and chicks, our pigs have literally doubled in size and are getting stronger and more boisterous by the day. I have to feed them over the fence for fear of being knocked down, or nibbled on. I am very proud that 177 of my 180 chicks have survived to date. There will be more casualties but they are healthy and strong. They have wings now and are starting to perch. Now they need less heat from the infra-red lamps and more room to scratch about. I am feeding them ad lib and they are eating about nearly 10 kgs of organic chick crumb per day. Our organic pork will hopefully be for sale in the farm shop this July.


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