Nationwide visits Athy Boat Tours

Filmed on board

Paula Campbell


Paula Campbell


Nationwide visits Athy Boat Tours

Anne Cassin and Skipper Chris McKenna

Nationwide’s Anne Cassin and her team took to the waters on Wednesday to film on Athy Boat Tours.

The RTE stalwart spent about two hours on the boat, Freedom of the Water, filming on the river and chatting with the skipper Chris McKenna.

“They came down to film on the river and to look at Athy Boat Tours from a a social enterprise,” said Helen Dowling with Athy Boat Tours.

“They really enjoyed the trip and thought it was fantastic. They went through Ardree Lough and Malones Weir and got lots of footage and some lovely shots. They also interviewed our skipper Chris McKenna.”

Athy Boat Tours has been in operation since June 2016 and according to Helen it is going from strength to strength.

“It is going really well,” she added. “We are very busy at the moment with tours and bookings.”

While there is no confirmation on a transmission date for the programme RTE believe it will be aired next September.

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