Nurney mum seeks help to buy wheelchair accessible car for 8-year-old son


Paula Campbell


Paula Campbell


Nurney mum seeks help to buy wheelchair accessible car for 8-year-old son

Alex Kenny pictured at home with his dog

A go fund me campaign has been set up by a Nurney mum to help buy a wheelchair accessible car for her 8-year-old son Alex.

Mum of five and full time carer to Alex, Lyndsey Keogh has set up the fund for a car to fit her son’s extensive electric wheelchair.

Young Alex has a brain condition called polymicrogyria, which affects muscles, speech and swallow. Alex doesn’t walk or talk and is fed through a tube.

Her current car cannot take it which means she cannot take Alex to the hospital in the event of an emergency.

Not only is Lyndsey and her partner Wayne Kenny a full time carer for her son but their youngest child Lilly also has autism.

“He can’t walk so we really can’t go anywhere without it, she said. His condition is very rare and extensive – it is all over his brain. His mind is fine but he can’t walk or talk or even eat- he chokes a lot of the time at home on food or even on his own saliva. He is mentally aware and wheelchair bound. He’s getting bigger and it’s getting more difficult to lift Alex in and out of the car. It’s especially difficult when there’s an emergency. As he is getting old his condition is getting worse"

Lyndsey said she feels embarrassed asking for help but recently realised after talking with a friend that she has no other option.

“Alex has grown out of his manual chair so our only option is to bring the electronic one and that just doesn’t fit.  I want to buy a wheelchair accessible car for my son for everyday use but especially when we are in a rush the hospital. I am afraid people will think that I am begging but if anyone had to come to my house and see what I have to go through everyday, I think they would understand.”

She is hoping to raise €10,000 which would cover the costs of a second hand wheelchair accessible car.

“His electric chair is massive and as Alex gets older his condition is going to get worse. I feel like I have no other option for Alex and for our family.”

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