‘41 vacant houses in the Curragh Camp could be used to house families in need;' concerned solider

Defence Forces

Paula Campbell


Paula Campbell



‘41 vacant houses in the Curragh Camp could be used to house families in need,'  concerned member

Curragh Camp

There are 41 vacant houses in the Curragh Camp which could be used to house army families in need according to a member of the Defence Forces.

The concerned member, who did not want to give his name, said that the houses consist of two, three and four bedrooms.

“It wouldn’t take much to get them back up and running,” he said.

“I have gone around the camp and counted them all. There are nine vacant houses in McDonagh Tce, 18 in Pierce Tce, and 16 dotted others dotted around the camp. We are in the middle of a housing crisis surely these houses could be used – currently there are members of the defence forces looking for housing and some who have to travel very far every day while others are sleeping in cars because they can’t afford the rents. Why not give them these houses.”

The Department of Defence in response said that the vacant houses in the Curragh Camp are constantly under review in terms of accommodation requirements for serving members.

 “The Department maintains an ongoing review of the accommodation requirements and availability for serving DF personnel. Accommodation and housing located within barracks are not disposed of. The majority of the properties that fall within this category are located within the Curragh Camp. In some instances, accommodation has been adapted to meet the needs of the Defence Forces for use as living in accommodation.”  

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