WATCH: Athy skaters speak of the benefits of skating

Athy Youth Project

Paula Campbell


Paula Campbell


WATCH: Athy skaters speak of the benefits of skating

Still shot from the video

A video on the benefits of skating for yourng people has been made by Athy Youth Project.

It was posted on social media and explains the benefits that the skateboard park has brought to the young people of the town. This little movie explains what it means to young people.

They say that if there was no skateboard park they would probably be on the streets and it is a place to escape 'the bad things going on in the town'. It is keeping them out of trouble, keeping them fit and challenging them every day. Not to mention it's fun.



Athy Youth Project works with young people to empower them to do things themselves. The project has helped people to push for the facilities they need.

Two of these facilities have been the Youth Cafe and the Athy Skateboard Park in association with the town council.