Kildare town's 25th Feile Bride festival launch

St Brigid

Paula Campbell


Paula Campbell


Kildare town's Feile Bride 25th festival launch

Sr. Mary Minehan, Willie Redmond, MAry Byrne, Sr. Phil O’Shea, Celine Byrne of Kildare Town Library, Paddy Gleeson, Margaret McCabe, and Teri Hennessy, pictured at Solas Bhríde, launching Féile Bríde

The launch of Kildare town's 25th Feile Bride festival took place on Thursday, January 19 in Solas Bhride.

The festival, which celebrates St Brigid and marks the coming of spring, has an action packed week long programme in store from January 29 to February 5 next.

The festival programme includes a a guided walking tour of St Brigid’s Monastic site, a traditions and customs afternoon, a morning of sacred dance, and the annual St Brigid’s eve ritual at St Brigid's well which heralds the coming of spring.

There will also be a concert this year to mark the 25th celebrations with Luka Bloom who played at the first festival in Kildare town 25 years ago, when the St Brigid's flame was lit in Kildare town and it has not gone out since.

The flame was first lit in 1993 and since that time people, including the Dalai Lama, have come from all over the world to see the flame and spend time with the Brigidine sisters.

Their new centre at Solas Bhride offers space for quiet meditation in the presence of St Brigid whose ‘energy’ the sisters say they can feel on a daily basis.

For a full programme of events and listings see this week's Leinster Leader Kildare town notes page.